about Anashay

As an accomplished pianist and singer/songwriter, Anashay's passion for music has been her most enduring influence in her life from an early age. As a young girl she finished her first piano ballad "Forever in Harmony" and continued to develop her songwriting skills, going on to write music for various projects throughout the years. 

the dream

After successfully performing in cover bands and sneaking in the odd original song, Anashay has now come full circle to realise her dream of completing a full album comprising of all her life experiences so far from some of her older works to recent songs. 

album - beginnings

Beginnings is the first single off the album that portrays a new perspective of life ahead. The album takes you on a journey through the inner world of ups and downs, love lost and love gained.                                                                                                                                    Beginnings album is due for release in 2019. Stay Tuned....!